ObtainCare’s Partnership Approach Builds Your Business

ObtainCare offers a wide range of features and benefits to grow sales and traffic

  • Free: No high customer lead or subscription fees to engage with your consumers or patients via email, phone, or scheduled appointments
  • Data Transparency: We inform you how and why your data and digital assets are collected and used – both “data as truth” and “data as fact”
  • Data Privacy & Revenue Control: We ensure you control your data, categorizing it as “required” to fulfill necessary business operations or “optional” to permit use cases to monetize with multiple options; free/freemium, developer pays, developer gets paid, indirect syndication
  • Trust: Comprehensive provenance, lineage and accuracy of your data drives trust throughout the healthcare value chain – consumers, patients, providers, payers, pharma, researchers and governmental agencies
  • Engagement: You can further engage with your consumers and patients through TeleMed or TeleShop and other means of care navigation, care coordination or consumer transparency programs
  • Infotainment: Our team of 13,000 video producers in over 160 countries can bring to life your business through 23 types of video, animation, photography, live event or virtual streaming productions, at your door with full crew in just a few days
  • Digital Marketing Optimization: Our global digital marketing experts can optimize your SEO, blogging and branding integration of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • Grow Product Sales: Our E-commerce experts can grow your product sales by optimizing or creating a branded E-commerce store so that you can sell more of any product currently carried or sell a product not stocked in inventory